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        型號 封裝 在線定購
        LPC11C24FBD48/301(查看) LQFP48


        技術資料—— LPC11C24 PDF技術資料
        LPC11C24 參數
        LPC11C24 存儲器
        Flash (KB) 32
        RAM (kB) 8
        LPC11C24 其他參數
        fmax (MHz) 50
        I/Opins 36
        UART 1
        I2C 1
        I2S -
        SPI 2
        SSP 2
        ADC 8
        DAC -
        定時器 5
        PWM 11
        I/O 電壓 (V) 3.3
        CPU 電壓 (V) 3.3
        LPC11C24 封裝與引腳

        LPC11C24 概述

        The LPC11C24 devices are an ARM Cortex-M0 based, low-cost 32-bit MCU family, designed for 8/16-bit microcontroller applications, offering performance, low power, simple instruction set and memory addressing together with reduced code size compared to existing 8/16-bit architectures.

        The LPC11C24 devices operate at CPU frequencies of up to 50 MHz.

        LPC11C24 特性

        • System
          • ARM Cortex-M0 processor, running at frequencies of up to 50 MHz.
          • ARM Cortex-M0 built-in Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC).
          • Serial Wire Debug.
          • System tick timer.
        • Memory
          • 32 kB on-chip flash programming memory.
          • 8 kB SRAM.
          • In-System Programming (ISP) and In-Application Programming (IAP) via on-chip bootloader software.
          • Flash ISP commands can be issued via UART or C_CAN.
        • Digital peripherals
          • General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins with configurable pull-up/pull-down resistors.
          • 36 GPIO pins on the LPC11C24 parts.
          • GPIO pins can be used as edge and level sensitive interrupt sources.
          • High-current output driver (20 mA) on one pin.
          • High-current sink drivers (20 mA) on two I2C-bus pins in Fast-mode Plus.
          • Four general purpose counter/timers with a total of four capture inputs and 12 match outputs.
          • Programmable WatchDog Timer (WDT)
        • Analog peripherals
          • 10-bit ADC with input multiplexing among 8 pins.